Sunday, March 30, 2014

What Did I Buy at the Quilt Show?

A skein of yarn, of course.  I met a friend, actually friend after friend, at the Evergreen Quilt Show.  We walked around looking at all the fabric and patterns and samples; it was mind boggling.  There was one booth, ONE, of yarn-y things and she had a bin of big skeins of wool she had dyed herself for $20.  It's not fine wool for wearing next to your skin but it'll be great for felting or slippers, and it's a lot, 400 yards I think she said.

The head cold I caught from LC kind of laid me low the rest of the day but I did manage to rip out my Design-A-Thon mitt and reknit it back about halfway.  

March 30--Cypriot, Limestone Sarcophagus, the Amathus Sarcophagus.  Susan sat cross-legged on the dusty floor of the tomb, her drawing pad on her knees.  She had been there for almost three hours and her back and arms were sore.  Dr. Lawson had taken a chance hiring her to be the expedition artist and she wanted to prove he made the right decision.  She stretched her arms overhead and splayed out her fingers, then she rolled her shoulders groaning as the tight muscles relaxed.  Leaning back on her hands she uncrossed her legs, hearing tiny creaks as she stretched them.  It felt so good to move but she turned back to her work.  Maybe if she finished before lunch she could work outside in the afternoon.  She adjusted the lightstand so that the chariots stood out in  greater relief and that's when she noticed the puddle under the sarcophagus.  The occupant had been dead since the fifth century B.C., there shouldn't have been anything left in there to drip.

Now Durwood and I are off to Sam's and then I'll be spending the rest of this gorgeous day seeing if I can't finish the first one WITHOUT ANY BOOBOOS.  Not that I care really.  Maybe I'll drag myself and my knitting out to sit on the front stoop in the sunshine.  That'd be good for me and my head cold.

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