Thursday, March 13, 2014

Nothing But Work

I had so many customers I almost didn't have time to crochet at work yesterday.  Horrors!  It was actually kind of fun to have live humans in the store wanting to buy things and then handing over cash money or a credit card and buying things I had to ring up and bag up, and then they took the things away with them.  Most of them were teetering on the brink of a Spring Break get-away, the most last minute of them was leaving at 4:30 that very afternoon.  Two of them are leaving this coming weekend and the longest-planning one is leaving next weekend.  None of them surpasses the guy a few years back who came in on his way to the airport; he wins the prize for "waiting til the last minute."

I did finish March Men's Chemo Hat #2.  I love the colors, that lime-y green is starting to grow on me, all greens are (hat's off to you, Mom [green was her favorite color]) but the only blue I like is a sunny blue sky and the turquoise blue of the ocean, especially when my feet are in the sand and I've got my scuba gear on.  Well, I like ocean blue even if I'm not going diving at that moment.  In all honesty I have to say I like denim blue too because, well, who doesn't like jeans?  But that's it for blue.  Really.

I also started March Men's Chemo Hat #3.  I crochet much faster than I knit so I'm always on the lookout for a good beanie pattern to crochet because I am absolutely certain that no man will wear a hat that isn't basic.  This one starts with the toast brown, it'll shift to the chocolate brown, and then end with black.  My eagerness to see how it turns out is making me work faster, plus I've got  a couple weeks, don't I?  I have to go down and survey my stock of Red Heart Soft yarn to see what other colors I have to play with.

March 12--Myceneaean, Reproduction of the Gold "Mask of Agamemnon"  It had to be a death mask.  No one, not even a king, would endure having his face covered with gold.  The thing was flattened out which made it look like a child's drawing.

I was tired, what can I say?  Plus I'm pretty excited that DD is home so I don't have many brain cells leftover for writing.  Today we're going to assault, uh, visit all the fabric, yarn, and Goodwill stores in town.  We have coupons.  Be afraid, be very afraid.  Besides it's back to being under 20 degrees for a daytime high temp.  Bah.

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