Monday, March 17, 2014

There Are No Pictures...

of anything yesterday.  No one wants to see pictures of me doing five loads of laundry, do they?  No, they do not.  I couldn't take a picture of me winding a skein of yarn into a ball and Durwood couldn't take one either because his hands were busy holding the skein while mine were busy cranking the ball winder.  Pictures of him snoozing in his new chair and me zoned out in front of a computer game are not extant either. 

Oh, wait, I have knitting pictures so this post won't be blank.  *whew*

Someone at BLKG told me about a different sock heel pattern to try, one that's easier than a flap-and-gusset heel, easier even than a short-row heel (which is nothing more than a toe in a different spot), so, since I was at the heel of the Fiddlehead sock OTN, I printed out the directions for the Strong Heel (not strength-strong, it's the name of the designer) and got started.  I have to say it's very easy.  I'm assuming you could do your favorite increase where it says to "make 1" as long as you end up with the correct number by the end.  I'll report.

I worked on March Men's Chemo Hat #3 at Friday Night Knitting.  I really like the browns together, I plan to make the dark brown stripe half the diameter of the whole toast brown section, then I'll just crochet with black until it's as long as I want it to be.  I like it, but it's slower going than the other crochet pattern.  Maybe I'll get faster by the fall. 

Look at the cool baby puzzles I found at Goodwill the other day.  They're made out of real wood with nice bright pieces and they were three bucks each.  Three dollars, plus the zookeeper on one is a girl.  (girls can do anything! say it with me)  I feel good about finding things at Goodwill, things that I can wash or launder or are new like these but I'm not in favor of things like stuffed animals from there, those things can't be tossed in hot water and washed.  I saw the condition of my babies' stuffies when they were done with them (think snot and tears and drool plus leaky diaper, EW), they were only good for the trash even if they looked like they still had a few snuggles left in them.

March 17--Gustav Courbet, Jo, La Belle Irlandaise.  Mara stood looking down at the body sprawled on the marble floor of the apartment building lobby.  The super had stumbled over her when he went out to bring in the newspapers.  At first he thought she was a bum who had gotten in to sleep out of the rain but when she didn't wake up... well, he knew it would be a long morning.  Mara was still half comatose and sipping her first cup of coffee when the call came in.  She had hoped people thought she was detecting something standing there looking down at the dead girl when in reality she was working to keep her eyes open.  The deceased had her hand tangled in her long curly hair, a white slash in a sea of red, like it had gotten caught as she fought off her attacker.

Hey, Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Are you Irish?  Aren't we all today?  I have a celery green sweater I'll wear to work today but I'm too German for anyone to mistake me for a leprecaun.  Go eat a bit of corned beef and cabbage, and maybe some Irish soda bread.  DS made some for our supper on Saturday but was out of currants or raisins so he put in dried cherries.  It was delicious, I highly recommend being out of raisins and plan to be out of them myself the next time I make soda bread.  Yum.  Enjoy your day!

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Aunt B said...

Back from "wedding weekend" in Florida. Great time. Beautiful bride -- of course!!! Love the cute Goodwill score!