Sunday, March 16, 2014

Now She's Driven Away

This morning after a baked sausage casserole (good but no Texas Breakfast) DD packed up her belongings and drove away.  *sigh*  Durwood and I will miss having her around.  She did the dishes.  Now it's back to being our job.  (funny how you can get used to something so fast)  She got to spend plenty of time snuggling LC, was offered the post of "Fun Aunt", and accepted without hesitation.  It was lovely to have DD here, to have her to drag to places where I can show her off to the people I brag about her to, to show off my knitting and see what she's making, and have her sitting at the table with me and Durwood after supper working on her embroidery while I knit and he does a crossword puzzle.  It kind of sounds boring when I write it out like that but it wasn't boring at all.

She and I made chocolate pudding yesterday.  We tucked a little graham cracker crust on the bottom of the dish and sprinkled a bit on top, with a few pomegranate morsels too.  Yum.  An excellent collaboration.

I am determined to sit on my can today, not to zoom around town or the house like a crazed weasel, maybe even take a snooze.  Okay, I might toss some laundry around because both of my favorite pairs of jeans are dirty, but that's it.  Oh, while I'm down there doing laundry I'll wind up the hank of yarn I want to use for my BLKG Design-A-Thon design so I can swatch today.  See?  Couch knitting, that's relaxing, right?  No to-do list.  No list of errands.  I want to finish listening to an audiobook I'm this close to the end of and sit staring at the computer screen playing a game.

March 16--Charles Sheeler, Water.  Shel saw them in the distance, the white rectangular boxes crouched on the horizon growing slowly as he walked.  The sky was a solid sheet of clouds so there was no glimmer from a pane of glass, just the dull grayish white of the boxes.  He thought they might be storage buildings because there were no windows he could see but it took far longer than he thought it would to get close enough to see all of them down to the ground.  No one seemed to be around although there was a parking lot filled with rows of identical cars the same grayish white as the buildings.  Shel stumbled a bit as the ground rose in a berm that ringed the complex.  On the other side of the berm a twelve-foot fence kept him from getting closer.  He heard the hum of electricity inches before touching the wire.  Glancing to the left he saw the still body of a rabbit that had touched the fence.

Time to get busy relaxing.  Have a Sunday.

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