Tuesday, March 11, 2014

She's Pedaling

DD called an hour ago to say that she was just about ready to drive away from the Gurnee La Quinta and make her way homeward.  I am SO glad that we convinced her to break her trip last night.  She probably got there somewhere between 10 and 11 pm and that was enough driving for the day, I am sure.  She asked me to call Dell's so she can get her drivers' door window convinced to go back up and stay there.  Seems after the first tollbooth yesterday it wanted to stay down.  She managed to tug it back up enough so that she was comfortable leaving the car parked in the motel lot for the night but it needs to be fixed.  Durwood's having one last nap before I get out my cattle prod and bull whip and make him clean "his" room.  With two bedrooms it's so much easier to have his clothes and stuff in one and mine in this one, plus he can nap and I can write or web surf and no one's bothered by the other, but that also means that when we have sleep-over company things have to be dusted and rearranged.  I'll change the sheets and then we can do a little dusting and sucking, it'll be quick and (relatively) painless.

After yesterday's sun and 58 degree day, we're back to the dreary gray skies and 39 degrees with a chance of flurries in the afternoon.  Tomorrow's supposed to be the nadir of the week (coldest, at 20 degrees) and then they say it'll bounce back toward normal by the weekend.  To be frank, I don't care what it does in the middle of the week as long as it's safe for DD to drive here and home again next Sunday.

This morning Durwood looked out the kitchen window and called, "there's a mouse on the fence."  I looked out and thought, that's one big mouse, but then I looked closer and it's a chipmunk, the first chipmunk I've seen in 2014.  It didn't look thrilled to be out of its nice warm winter den, did it?

Yesterday at work in between customers and counting drysuit underwear I had time to work on March Men's Chemo Hat #2.  I love the colors and hope some vet likes them too.

Didn't write to the prompt last night.  It was a long sleeved, unitard kind of thing made of silk and nylon and spandex with a jacket that was supposed to be Versace beachwear.  I didn't get it, it didn't spark one idea, so I turned out the light and gave up.  Tonight will be better, I'm sure of it.

Waiting for my best baby girl...

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Aunt B said...

By the time you read this, she'll be there! So yay for that!!! And get that car window fixed or she'll freeze. Sometimes cars can be so aggravating what with all the electronic crap. I couldn't figure out how to get the passenger side window down on my car until Paul did something that released it. Maddening.