Sunday, March 23, 2014

Machine Quilter

That's a new thing I can do, machine quilting.  I met TCK and her husband at the resale shop
yesterday morning where a few goodies were found (some cut-work linen hankies for fifty cents, a silk plaid skirt to use as bag linings, and something for the When Art Attacks art challenge, eee!), she and I found some lunch (yum, bacon cheeseburger), then we hauled our sewing machines up to the conference room here and set up.  TCK teaches quilting at TC so I knew she could teach me how to quilt the Blocks of Chaos quilt on my machine.  Yay!  She helped me smooth it out and repin it a block at a time so there are no wrinkles or puckers on the back.  Over the next few hours I managed to stitch-in-the-ditch around all six of the blocks.  I took advantage of TCK's expertise as to how to quilt inside the blocks and in the sashing and border (I'm considering using variegated thread on the black) so I'm feeling pretty darned good about the quilting part.  Next I have to think about binding the thing.

I took advantage of the Jacuzzi tub in the evening.  It was lovely.  Blessedly there are no photos.  I didn't write the prompt last night, I was tired and not in the mood.  I called and got a late checkout so I can take my time loading up and driving back home to rejoin the real world.  Later.


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Aunt B said...

What a wonderful getaway you had. So nice to sneak off like that for a little R&R. That quilt looks complicated.