Saturday, March 22, 2014

Out of Town

Here I am ensconced in my little suite (suite! they gave me a 2 bdrm suite!) gazing out the patio doors to the piney, snowy woods.  I didn't realize that High Point Inn in Ephraim is like the Landmark Resort in Egg Harbor, little condo-y suite-like accommodations with a kitchenette, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths (the king room has a Jacuzzi tub), a little eating area, a living room area, and a fireplace.  I have a fireplace, people.  It's gas and on a timer but flickering flames appear when I turn the dial; it's a fireplace.  High Point doesn't have a bar and restaurant like the Landmark does but it doesn't really matter.  I sat here last night with my knitting and a throw over my legs, the fireplace on, a little glass of wine--oh man, it was lovely.  Quiet.  Peaceful.  Ahhh.

On my way through Sturgeon Bay I had to stop at Spin to see what was in their "reduced for quick sale" baskets and look what I found.  Three skeins of wool and acrylic Gedifra Riana Big yarn.  Don't you love the colors?  I'd have bought 2 of the kiwi color if they'd had it, but the only other colors were an oatmeal which I almost got one of until I noticed a faint pink tinge to part of it (I'm not a pink fan) and an orange-y gold which I might have bought one of if it hadn't looked so Packer-y.  I'm not much of a Packer fan so I didn't want my knitwear to give the wrong impression.  (I just discovered that the yarn's discontinued.  OF course it is.  Watch, I'll fall in love with it and be unable to get more. Again. Tsk.)

Today TCK and I are meeting at the resale shop around 10:30 (I'm looking for supplies for the next art challenge, When Art Attacks, which is due on April 15, tax day [MH likes puns] I have an idea), then we'll grab some lunch, and spend the afternoon sewing.  It's going to be grand.  I've got some cheese and fruit (clementines, teehee) and bread so I won't even need to go out for supper, I can just put on my sweats, turn on the fireplace, and relax.  Although I might have to do a few laps in that Jacuzzi tub after a long afternoon of bending over a sewing machine...

March 22--Francois Boucher, The Toilet of Venus.  Vera was having a crazy dream.  There were three toddlers tugging on her--one fiddling with her hair, the second one pulling feathers out of a dove she held, and the third one tangling necklaces in the jewelry box at her feet.  In her dream she struggled to settle them down and get rid of the bird, she really didn't like birds.  She couldn't figure out where she was.  It wasn't anywhere she recognized and it wasn't one of her usual dream locations either.

Uninspired but serviceable.  I give it a seven, it has an okay beat but I can dance to it.  (What's that from?)  Time to relax more.  Teehee.

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Aunt B said...

Sounds like you're having a wonderful time with your fancy diggings! A fireplace, no less! "Squattin' in tall cotton" indeed!