Monday, March 3, 2014

The Sunshine Saved Me

Whew.  For a minute there I thought I was going down for the third time but yesterday it was bright and sunny (still bitter cold) and with the reflection off the bright white snow I finally felt like I might survive the winter.  Last week was bad; I don't know when I've felt worse (probably last March) but the sunshine saved me.  And it's sunny again today.  Whew.

Having Daddy, Mama & LC come over for supper didn't hurt either.  She's growing so fast and she was fascinated by Grandpa's low voice and the silly sounds he made for her.  He's determined to get her to say, "gr-r-r-reat Dada" just like he did with our kids so he "grr"-ed at her and she was riveted and flailed her arms around and just about wriggled herself out of his arms.  When it was time to eat Daddy made a pallet of blankets on the floor between him and Mama and LC spent a happy time down there with her sleepy sheep alongside her, letting everyone eat.  This is progress.  She's two months old today, the time has flown and she has grown and changed so much it's amazing.  Now if she could only sleep through the night a bit better...  Daddy said that Saturday night she slept from about 8:30 until 3:30, then until 6:00, and then until after 7:00, so Mama & Daddy had about 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep.  Ahhh.  Having LC on a pallet reminded me of my Great-Grandpa Gerst saying to put the babies down to nap on a pallet because " they won't have so far to fall if they roll off."  Good advice from years and years ago.

I worked a bit on my Beware the Idiots of March sculpture.  It's not going to be a sculpture, really, it's going to be a mobile.  I'm channeling Matisse via Calder with a little of that wacky bachelor farmer's art Lala and I saw in Sheboygan last spring.   I'm liking it.  Next I need to twist a wire skeleton for my guy and then get it all assembled.  This is fun!

March 3--Alfred Sisley, Allee of Chestnut Trees.  Footsteps made a peculiar squeaky crunching sound on the gravel path.  Louise sat on the bench facing the river writing in her notebook but she kept being distracted by the sounds.  A boy walked by leading a horse and singing.  The horse's head nodded in time as it walked slowly behind the singing boy.  Girls skipped up the path, their high-pitched laughter breaking Louisa's concentration.  She put her pen away, closed her notebook, and got up to join the noisy walkers.

I get to work today and it's PayDay (yay! hooray!) and Durwood's going to an investment dinner so the house will be empty when I come home from work.  Just like old times.  Our broker puts on these programs every so often and Durwood always goes.  I don't because it'd be a waste of a ticket since I don't "get" or really care about the intricacies of investing, so I'll whip myself up an omelet with lots of onions and peppers in it and cheese on top, toast some toast and call it supper.  It'll be grand.  Survive your day.


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Aunt B said...

Oh yes, that baby girl would brighten anyone's day. Sweetie Pie!!!