Saturday, February 5, 2011

View from my studio window

The morning sun is shinning in my studio window. The buds on the Buckeye tree are swelling and will unfurl, providing shady protection from a summer sun. In front of me, beyond the french doors, is the knoll with an old Oak tree sitting prominently on the top, the branches brushing the ground. An old fence bound together with square handmade nails runs along the property line, holding the past in place. The mountains beyond the knoll contrast with the blue sky and puffy clouds.  Tigg and Mr. P.P. Puddins are cat-napping, stretched out on the deck, dreaming of chasing lizards.

The Dolomite Mountains -- Veneto, Italy
Summer erased the snow leaving the saw-toothed Dolomite Mountains red and raw. The peaks and needles sharp and ragged, the red contrasting with the brightness of the morning sun.
The alpine roads and vistas are beautiful with wild flowers growing abundant at the base of the mountains, as if they feel the need to soften the view and remind viewers that  not everything is steep and dangerous.

Emily turns and walks back to the car, camera bouncing on her hip. She’s had enough of danger. Backing her blue Smart car around, she drives down the narrow road, retracing her way back to the rolling vineyards, the soft olive groves, and friendly people. She plans to lose herself among those friendly people.

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Barbara said...

Hey, Roi! Glad you made it safely to CA with all the weather excitement that still has the whole country in an uproar. Hope you have a productive month in your writing studio.