Monday, February 21, 2011

Snowstorm Dana Blows

Blows the snow all over, especially on my car. See? Cool, huh? It's still blowing hard and snowing off and on so I don't expect I'll be busy at work today, but I'll go in a while. Because I promised I would. And it's payday so I want my paycheck. Besides I have all the stuff I want to play with today packed up and ready to take along so I'll just go. I'm sure Durwood needs a break from me, although how anyone could get tired of my sparkling wit (and neverending complaining about things no one can change) I'll never understand. Just kidding, he's a very patient and understanding man and I'm lucky to have run just slow enough so he could catch me. Plus he's an excellent cook. Tonight we're having ham and cabbage stew chock full of mushrooms and carrots... yum. The house will smell great when I get home and I won't have done a thing. I told him when I came in from playing with the snow that menu planning, grocery shopping, meal prep, and clean up are more than an even trade for snow removal and lawn care. Geez, after doing it for 30-some years, I'm happy to do the bull work and let him play with our food. He loves to cook and he's good at it. What's not to love? (I told you he was a catch, didn't I? You're jealous now, aren't you?)

Yesterday I worked on my writing and got one first draft down, reworked an
d submitted a finished article, listened to an interview again and made notes, and worked out a way to redo a press release into an article, and...

I worked on Chemo beanie #2. I love the colors
and I nearly successfully followed the directions for traveling jogless stripes. I forgot to slip the first red stitch on the second stripe but overall it looks pretty darned good.

Z-dawg gave me a tiny skein of sock yarn last week and I found this Mermaid bookmark pattern that I think will be just perfect for it. Quick and easy

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