Sunday, February 13, 2011


Help, I've fallen into making hats and I can't get up! At last Thursday's Bay Lakes Knitting Guild meeting a couple of the members brought tiny baby hats for an ongoing charity project. They were cute, really cute and really tiny, but they were all in pastels. Now I know that most people think pastels are for babies but as a mom who gave birth to two dark-haired children who looked washed out in pastels I've always liked to see bright colors on babies. Besides they say that babies can see bight colors and strong contrasts better, so I dug out a few skeins of soft acrylic yarn and cast on. I intend to make four hats before next month's meeting. Two are done.

The guild prez got a letter from a young woman working on a project for her GSA Gold Award asking for chemo hats. I had started researching patterns but hadn't decided on one when Terri mentioned that they get very few hats suitable for men. Aha! A way that I can play along but not in the same way as all the others. You've probably noticed that I tend to go in the
opposite direction as the masses. (Oh don't pretend to be surprised, if you've been reading this blog for any time you know that if most people like something I don't and vice versa. This is why I don't make up orders for the dive shop. I give recommendations and let people with more traditional taste prevail.) I thought that Cotton Ease might make a very soft hat for a newly bald head so I went down into the stash, found a charcoal skein and a bag of ends of other colors for the narrow stripes and cast on the first of two manly chemo caps I want to finish before the next meeting. I have some Micro Spun or some Berroco Comfort for the other one. Can't make two the same, you know. I will use the same pattern, tho. Well, probably. Okay, maybe.

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