Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ooh, Baby, Is It Snowing!

For a long time today it wasn't and now (it actually started at noon when they said it would) it's coming down. Snow, snow, snow, snow, snow! Winter has not left the building, no matter how much it seemed like it had last week. That means there'll be snow for me to tromp in up at The Clearing on Wednesday morning and snow for us to dig through when we're geocaching in Fish Creek. Hooray!

I finished the first Chemo Beanie Friday afternoon and really like the way it turned out. I can't say enough about the pattern, it's simple and straightforward, but it makes a very snug hat perfect for chemo caps for the guys or for your beloved teen-age dudes and dudettes (my nephew has been wearing knitted hats 24/7 for years).

I like #1 so much I immediately cast on #2. I splurged (I had a 40% off coupon) on a $12.99 Susan Bates Velocity circular needle to knit it using Magic Loop instead of DPNs. I love DPNs, they're my faves, but I hate the ladders I inevitably get in the ribbing so I'm willing to sacrifice to get a better outcome. I could very happily trade off knitting these chemo beanies and preemie hats for the rest of this month but...

I also used my coupons to build an impressive collection of fat quarters and some Peltex to make more fabric boxes. *sigh* I do not
need another hobby. Do. Not.

And I have some interviews and articles I need to finalize and get turned in by midweek next week. *double sigh* I need to quit screwing around with my toys and get writing. Bye.

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