Friday, February 25, 2011

Home With Money to Spare & Lots of Pictures

Well, not a lot of money, not enough for another night in the motel, but my wallet was not quite a home for moths. We had a great time. Wednesday afternoon we visited Red Sock Yarns in Fish Creek to pick out yarn for our entrelac class the next morning. I wasn't certain I wanted to learn it so I only bought 2 skeins of variegated yarn. This is one time that variegated is your friend. You are drawn to keep knitting because the color keeps changing. I bought these two yarns, both wool, both a bit over 100 yds. Plenty of yarn to learn with.

I went with Lyn, Dusty, and Jennifer to Izora's bead shop whose owner opened just for them. I bought a few beads, mostly ocean related. (what a surprise!) Now I just have to figure out what to do with them. The three little yellow and red ones are for the bookmark I'm knitting, but the rest? They'll find homes, I'm certain. Eventually.

Thursday morning was our entrelac class. The directions were very clear and much to my surprise I enjoy it. It took a lot of concentration and I am definitely going to teach myself to knit backwards soon so I don't have to keep turning my work around. I ended up using the gold and purple yarn--and bought the remaining 3 skeins.

After lunch at a nearby cafe Skully, Cookie & I (Karla and Lyn weren't thrilled with the idea of wandering around in a snowy forest) drove up to The Clearing so I could show it to Cookie. We saw Mike the director and visited the office (and gift shop).

We made a quick stop at Curt's Oilerie in Fish Creek to stock up. I bought a bottle of Toasted Sesame Oil and a quart of olive salad. Yum.

Then (this might be the best part) we drove into Peninsula State Park to find a geocache. And we found it! We were beside ourselves with our own cleverness. My DD and DIL2 advised me that geocaching is to be carried out in a stealthy manner. There's just no way we're ever going to master that part. There's too much wandering around, hollering back and forth--and picking up bags of frozen dog poop thinking it might be the cache--for use to ever go about this in a sedate manner.

After a bar supper (Lyn and I split a chef's salad) we put on our jammies and sat in Karla's room knitting and talking. This morning we packed and reluctantly left Fish Creek. We stopped at Spin in Sturgeon Bay for a last bit of yarn buying and had lunch at an Irish pub down the hill. An excellent way to say goodbye to Door Co. Spin was having its end of winter sale so many of their yarns were on sale. On sale are two excellent words when looking at expensive yarn. I did troll the clearance baskets and found the red wool & camel that should make an excellent pair of gloves, and fell prey to the bulky baby alpaca and pattern for a scarf and two more skeins to make another purse stitch scarf.

Cookie bought me some presents which was very surprising. She got me a yarn c
utter medalion (which I'd been looking for and she wouldn't let me pay for) and a skein of sock yarn that's partly made with shrimp and crab shells. I've never heard of such a thing, have you?

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