Saturday, February 5, 2011

Antique Dust & Cobwebs

That's what I found when I moved a couple of bookcases yesterday. The spiders had long ago moved out but their homes were still there, lacy and gray with dust. Durwood got a new kitchen TV because the old one had taken to going off whenever it felt like it and the Super Bowl is coming up tomorrow so he doesn't want any interruptions. Naturally the new TV isn't the same size as the old one so we needed to find a different shelf for it to stand on. Instead of buying one, we went out to storage to retrieve the ancient walnut shelf that Grandpa built, I put that one in my writing area and used the smaller one to sit the TV on. It surprised me that the new shelves don't really have more room but the flat screen TV looks better, more stable on it, and now the cookbooks are in a single layer so they're easier for Durwood the chef to access. I can't imagine how the meals could get any better (you really want to eat here) but maybe they will now that he's got more cookbooks to cruise through.

February 4--Pieter Bruegel the Elder, The Harvesters. Oh, I'm so glad it's lunch time. My back is breaking and I have bits of chaff in my blouse. The itch is making me crazy. It's a bit cooler in the shade, but I wish there was a breeze. At least the beer is cool. Jakob put the jug in the stream. Marta brought some new cheese and I shared a crock of pickles. No one else puts bits of onion in theirs and I got a few allspice berries from Mrs. Boon for the sewing I did for her daughter's trouseau. Her husband, Martyn, is on a ship that goes to the East Indies and he brings her silks and spices from all over the world. I like good Dutch products but everyone raves over my pickles with the allspice berries. I saved some of them back this time, maybe the cobbler will fix Pietr's boots for a couple of them.

It looks so hot in the painting. The sky is overcast and nothing is moving. I can feel their sweat. I'm off to work today, maybe some people on their way to tropical vacations will come in.

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