Tuesday, February 8, 2011

All set and ready to go

I got the new desk together yesterday and had to take a rest afterward. Wheweee! Glass tops were heavy to carry up the steps to the studio. And, I got it done, looks great, and most importantly, the desk fits -- I can put my feet on the floor and still reach the keyboard -- what a concept. It is breezy today and a "chit billy" as the saying goes, but not frigid as Madison.

Tuesday, February 8th. Phnom Penr, Cambodia

Inside the Royal Palace sat the gold buddha in quiet repose, eyes half closed,  peaceful smile across his lips as if he'd just reached nirvana.  Gloria hung back, while David moved on with the tour guide as instructed. Light sparkled and fractured off the glittering diamonds on the life-sized statue  -- nine-thousand, five hundred. She'd be in nirvana too with a smirky smile if she had just one of those big stones.

Today is writing all day, maybe we'll order out for dinner and Taylor can pick up on her way home. Yesterday she brought home oranges, picked fresh from a client's orange tree. I have one on my desk and every so often pick it up and inhale the fragrance -- it smells just like an orange, fresh off the tree.

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