Friday, February 11, 2011

Crafty Day

For once I stuck with my plan for the day. I haven't gotten dressed in outside clothes and I haven't done any chores. I finished the charity baby hat I cast on last night when I got home from the knitting guild meeting this morning. I'm using a different pattern than the guild sent out because I like to use worsted yarn and bigger needles, but the hat's so tiny and cute. Look at it! It's lying on a standard 8.5" X 11" piece of paper.

In the afternoon I made a fabric box from a tutorial I linked to through Mooncalf's post. I saw it a couple days ago and it grew roots in my brain. I
talked about it with Dusty the Sewing Guru yesterday and she gave me a bit of interfacing to start with and then I went to JoAnn. (dun-dun-duuuun) That was a huge mistake. They have lots of fabric there. Lots. Lots and lots. Still in the clearance aisle was a lap quilt kit with 13 fat quarters that I'd seen a couple weeks ago. Then I found the bundles of fat quarters, and then the clerk showed me the rows and racks of individual ones. I was there a long time, a very long time, and I left a bunch of my mad money behind, but now I have lots of lovely fabrics to choose from. Dusty said there are easier and different boxes to sew, maybe she'll tell me about them tonight at knitting so I can surf and find other ones to make.

I did pull out the front of the Red Marl sweater the other evening and I knitted 3 rows while I watched TV with Durwood. I should have had it done long ago so that I could wear it this last week or so when the temps were in the sub-basement, but I don't. The cold is motivating me to work on it more. But the cold is also motivating me to cast on a bazillion other things...

like another pair of Maine Morning Mitts which I am calling the Fjord Mitts because the yarn is called Fjord. Gorgeous colors, don't you think?

and I tried (3 times) to do the first cable round of a pair of gloves from this book but I kept losing my place whether the held stitches should be in front or back. I think I need to not be watching TV when I start those.

The Guild is also collecting chemo caps for a young lady doing her Girl Scout Gold Award project (the Girl Scout equivalent of Eagle Scout) so
I want to knit one of those this month. Prez Terri said last night that they get few caps for men so I'm looking for a good pattern for a manly hat. I've got some charcoal colored Cotton Ease downstairs that would be soft on a newly bald head, I think, now I just need to find a pattern. Ideas?

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Ann said...

I hope this doesn't show up twice...

That box is so cute! I'm going to have to bookmark the tutorial.