Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cold, and colder -

Wisconsin cold burns your eyes, freezes your breath from inhale all the way down to the bottom of your lungs and out again as a steamy exhale. Bay area cold covers you and seeps through your skin like a heavy mist and before it soaks into your bones, and stays there until you find a fireplace or heater. Either way it's COLD -- but, here I can run out to the studio without a coat.

Yesterday I reconnected with my friend Nena St. Louis Lewis -- sculptor, performance artist, videographer,  and just a fun, fun gal. We met in Jim Frey's writing group in SF years ago. Tomorrow, Taylor and I going to the Mission district in the city to see another artist friend Lea Feinstein's opening -- art & performance art. Sometime in between I've got to get more writing done.

Wednesday February 9th - Dodecanese, Greece
From the air Symi's harbor town looked like a movie set in miniature -- blue sea, white sails of tiny boats, steep mountains, green and fertile, red tile roofs over white stucco houses  that are perched on the hillsides and connected with narrow winding streets..

"You know you'll be on your own." the pilot said with his thick Greek accent.  The plane banked and we circled for another pass. "No airport here. You'll have to ferry across from the big island."

"That's when you'll be most vulnerable," said the man behind me tapped me on the shoulder. He told me his name was Harry. He was blonde, English, and smelly.

"I can do it, I'll be fine." I said, but my bravado was fading. leaving a sour taste in my mouth, along with the bottle of wine I consumed a few hours ago.

Thanks Barbara for letting me use the Crazy Writing Blog. I'm using the 1,000 places to see before you Die calendar from last year. Got the idea from you -- thanks again.

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