Saturday, February 12, 2011

Too easy to party

My daughter, Taylor, claims I'm the one distracting us from working, but it's really her. Haircuts, nail salons, dinner in San Francisco in the Upper Mission area and opening night at the Slingshot Art gallery.  I like Taylor's artist friends -- I'll upload a photo of Lea Feinstein and me in front of one of Lea's big pieces.
Today tho -- it's back to the computer and get this work written down and out of my head.

Patagonia, Argentina
By late spring the snow on the mountains was melting, but the cold winds still washed down the canyons, through the passes and out across the green pastures.  The horses kept their wooly winter coats and stood nose to tail, braced against the cold. 

Bengie pulled his hat down tighter around his ears. His job was to bring the horses in for the tourists who signed up for the trail ride. He pushed through the bushes of sage, the red flowers promised warm summer days, but Bengie knew it was lie like everything else.

He walked down the slope, hid the bridle behind him, and whistled softly to the first horse. The pinto raised his head, ears twitching as Bengie approached. At the last minute, he broke and ran, taking the other horses with him. Bengie watched them run -- snorting, heels kicking high in protest and wished he could do the same.


Beautiful morning -- going to enjoy it while it's here. Rain on Monday, temps drop to mid-50's. I am NOT complaining, just giving information. Definitely not complaining --

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