Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Remember your sweetie today. I know you will. I have to work today so we made our Valentine supper last night. Durwood made the baked potato and steamed asparagus and I grilled the steak out in the (melting) snow. Well, on the grill, really but the patio's still snow covered. It was a rare winter treat to have a charcoal grilled steak in the middle of the winter. Yummmm. This morning we exchanged cards and Durwood gave me a bracelet that says "love you more" on it. It reminds me of when we were courting. *sniff* Very romantic.

February 13--Egyptian, Sphinx of Amenhotep III. Clair felt like she was in a George Foreman grill. The sun was a tangible force here, even early in the day. She had gotten up before sunrise in the cool dark and had hired a car and driver to bring her to Giza to watch the sun rise over the pyramids. It was so peaceful in the early dawn, so few cars and trucks were on the roads, no horns blared, no vendors hawked their wares. She was glad she had hired Farouk to take her around Cairo so that she was familiar with him. It would be too scary driving off into the predawn darkness with a stranger. The sunrise was breathtaking, a slow lightening of the eastern sky. As soon as the first rays came over the horizon the temperature started to rise and the sweat literally popped from her pores.

I never got to the little blue faience sphinx, I fell asleep instead. I think I have sleeping sickness, I could fall asleep at the drop of a hat. Crazy.

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