Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sunny and Cold, but It's Not Snowing--Yet

Now that a bunch of the snow has melted during last week's thaw, more is on a way. A lot more. A foot more. It's supposed to arrive tomorrow morning and muscle its way through the day into Sunday night and peter off Monday morning. I sure wish I had President's Day off like the mailmen (and women) do. I keep reminding myself that it is February and there's more than a month of official winter left plus the hangover wintering we get here in the uppah U.S. I am safe and warm inside with a cauldron of soup made and bread dough chilling in the fridge. We bought 8# of navel oranges this morning so scurvy won't be a problem and I think someone (maybe me) mentioned stirring up a pan of brownies later today. We'll be just fine when the snow comes and covers the earth. At least I'll have new snow to snowshoe through on Wednesday when I'm in Door County running away from home for a few nights with my knitting posse.

February 18--Egyptian, New Kingdom, Amarna Period, Fragment of the Face of a Queen. You could tell she was beautiful even from the fragment that was no larger than two hands that remained. Her lips and chin and part of one cheek carved from yellow jasper as warm as honey. She was young, you could tell, and smiled easily. Even though the corners of her mouth curved down eve4r so slightly you could see that they wanted to lift. I hope she lived to be old, to see her children and grandchildren grow, to drink deep from the sweetness of life. I wonder who broke her statue. Who raised his hand to her beauty and struck it down. It must have taken a lot of anger to muster the strength to destroy her like that. Is an archaeologist or curator looking at her eyes or her headless torso and wondering where the rest of her went?

Make the most of your day.

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