Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Grown-Up Day

I accomplished things today. Just like a big girl. I worked out and then read the paper while nibbling on a few slices of homemade Italian Sesame bread I whipped up last night. It was so good that I formed and baked the rest of the dough. It made the house smell wonderful.

Last night I stayed up late to finish the Chemo Beanie #2. I do like the colors; I might have to make something for myself with them. I hope some guy who needs a hat likes it.

I cast on the last (for this month) preemie hat last night too. The color of the yarn is Toasted Marshmallow and I think I'm going to make a little pompom to top it with. I admit that it's an unusual color choice for a baby hat but I can see it looking great on a bambino with a darker complexion.

I got a haircut this morning. Ahhhh. Carla my stylist got a new job, a social worker job a few weeks ago so she's only doing hair a couple Sunday's a month. She called just before my appointment this month to say that we needed to reschedule. I agreed to the first date she offered. It was 11 days longer between haircuts. I felt like a shaggy dog. I can't say when I've enjoyed a haircut more.

I finished up Tiny Hat #4 yesterday afternoon at work. The name of the color is Cotton Candy. I wasn't sure I'd like the mix of pink and orange but it kind of grew on me.

And I added a couple rectangles onto the Entrelac Scarf. It takes some real thinking to get back into the rhythm of it, and I believe I'm doing it right. I checked out the "reversed knitting" videos on YouTube last night. That's something I'm going to have to practice.

I also did some grocery shopping for Mom and cleaned the bathroom. DS and DIL1 came for cocktails and a visit after she got off from work. That was nice, she's been so busy at work we haven't seen her since just after Christmas. It was a full, busy, enjoyable day.

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