Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm Outta Here

My knitting is packed, and a few clothes, a book, and my laptop. I'm off for a 2 night runaway in Fish Creek with some knitting friends. We're taking an entrelac class tomorrow and hope to go to at least one bookstore, the Oilerie, Beach People in Ephraim, and maybe do a little geocaching in Peninsula State Park. The middle of winter is the perfect time to do this, even if we're going north. Just changing scene for a few days is a salvation.

February 22--Paul Cezanne, Entree du Jardin. "I liked it better before," Tilly grumbled as she walked up the path to the garden door. "Why, Miss Tilly," said Gina, "don't you think it looks pretty all cleaned up?" Her sparkling blue eyes shone with light reflected from the whitewashed wall. The old woman on her arm grumbled and swatted the air with her cane. "That durned fool gardener, Rafe, has made it look like every other bland house on the road." She waved her cane to one side and then the other. She was right, most of the houses looked remarkably alike with their terra cotta tile roofs and sunbleached paint. "I liked it when the garden wall was covered with vines. There were flowers and bees, birds made nests, there was life." She shook her cane hand at the girl. "Life!" she said again, but all her talking and complaining brought on a coughing spell and it was more than a week before Miss Tilly and her young nurse Gina were outside again.

A word to the wise, having cabbage stew two nights in a row is very "cleansing," if you know what I mean. I don't recommend it especially if you're planning a two hour drive on the third morning. Gotta run.

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