Wednesday, February 2, 2011


For once the weather people were right and the storm stayed to our south. We got a little snow Monday night and a lot of blow last night, but we're not locked down and snowed in like so many people are. It's just cold. We can deal with cold. I'll just be wearing an extra layer today and I'll be sure and put some toe warmers in my boots. Durwood said that Pat asked Vanna last night how she stays warm on the set in those evening gowns and she pulled a pair of chemical heater pads out of her bodice! Very smart, Vanna, although the ones I use say not to put them on bare flesh. Maybe she's got a little pocket in there? I overslept (on purpose) so I'm in a hurry today.

February 1--Georges Braque, The Studio. Anya thought Mister Georges' studio was like she imagined Aladdin's cave would be. Everywhere she looked there was some shiny object or silky fabric. There were pieces of pottery and glass vases with dusty flowers drooping over the rim. Behind the easel stood a three-legged chair painted gold and upon the globe was a green hat with an ostrich plume sticking up and fluttering in the breeze from the open window. Some afternoons when Maman had to sit very still so Mister Georges could make her picture Anya got to bring her doll Clothilde and her tea cup and play quietly in the corner. Maman said not to make a sound to disturb Mister Georges painting but she thought he got confused because he used the wrong colors and he made Anya's maman look wrong, flat, broken somehow. Looking at it made Anya want to cry. The only thing he got right at all was the blue of the sky out the window.

Happy Groundhog Day! I'm guessing no matter what the furry little rodent sees we're in for 6 more weeks of winter. Who believes a rodent's opinion on anything anyway?

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