Sunday, February 6, 2011

Crazy Day

Nice sensory details, Roi. I can feel the dry heat and smell the richness of the ripe grapes.

I need to go to the grocery to get soup-makings for next week lunches. I'm afraid. Afraid I'll be trampled by glassy eyed people in green and gold lunging for rotisserie chickens and frozen pizzas, tussling over the last bag of Doritos. I should have thought of this last night but I ended up zooming to Mom's to get the ingredients to remake the cakes she wants to take to Tom & Alice's today. Seems her new oven isn't working right and ruined the cakes--again, and she can't find the manual to check if she's doing something wrong, so her lovely daughter (that'd be me) volunteered to remake them. Hey, I only had to contribute flour, sugar, butter and the oven, she had the rest of the stuff. I'm going to make some party-ish food for us to munch on during the game that won't burst our waistbands and take the place of supper. So far Sesame Chicken Nuggets, roast cauliflower, sweet potato fries, and broccoli slaw are on the menu. I can make them all with a teensy bit of oil and control how much I eat so I don't go too far overboard and it'll still be like "party" food. Things break down when we get to the cupcakes but I can't be good all the time. Tsk, what are you thinking?

February 5--Hans Baldung Grien, Man of Sorrows. Pen nibs scratching on parchment was the only sound in the room. Leo was glad it was quiet. His head ached and his eyes wouldn't stop tearing. The overhead lights made harsh shadows on the tables which didn't help. He turned in his seat trying to reduce the glare on his paper. Maybe if he washed some color over the white, nothing dark or even noticeable, just enough to soften the stark white. He looked up at the model. The guy looked pretty relaxed up there. Usually the models were self-conscious even if they weren't nude. This one looked relaxed, almost like he was ready to fall asleep. He wasn't' bad looking either. He had nice curly hair and his muscle definition was good. Leo felt a stab of pain and a single drop of blood landed on his drawing.

Are you gearing up for the big game or wondering what you'll do when the world stops to watch? I have my knitting all ready. It's snowing a bit today, too. Go, Pack!

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