Monday, February 7, 2011


There were parties downtown last night, even fireworks. DS walked the mile to the brewery to pick up DIL after work. He said he wasn't foolish enough to try to drive down there. I think there will be a big party when the team plane arrives today. I suspect there'll be a parade and some sort of hooha at the stadium. School is out at noon today so the kids can get home safely before the celebration fills the streets. It's crazy. My party food was a big hit and I didn't even gain weight! The scale said I lost .2# (that's 2/10ths of a pound) which is way better than gaining. It isn't much but it's not an increase so I'm pleased.

February 6--Hans Baldung Grien, Man of Sorrows. Who flung him there, I wondered. I was bent as close as I could get to the little pen and ink drawing. It was maybe four inches high by six inches wide, and quite amazing. I can't draw, never could so I'm impressed by those who can. This man, nearly nude and lying on the ground, is clearly in distress, probably someone stole his clothes. He's got one hand tucked under his loincloth, most likely checking to make sure that no one's stolen his family jewels. Ha ha ha, I crack myself up. I stand here snorting at my own sick humor and some old buffalo of a woman hives me a disgusted look. Oh, give me a break, lady, we're not in a church, it's a museum, and I'll bet ol' Hans here and cronies didn't take themselves too seriously.

And now it's time to shower and go off to collect my pay and sit in the dive shop where I the only living thing, most of the time. *sigh*

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