Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Plumbing Adventures

How come our renter waited until 9 PM last night to tell us that the water main shutoff was leaking and had been all day? Why didn't they let us know during the day so we could have called a plumber during regular business hours? Granted, they just turned off the water and the plumber came at 7:30 this morning but wouldn't it have made sense to get it fixed when it first broke instead of the thought of it keeping me awake? It's not like it was going to fix itself. Gah. Whatever was wrong was evidently easily fixed because the plumber wasn't even there for half an hour, but he didn't come and tell me what was wrong or ask for money. Maybe they'll bill us. It sure as hell wasn't free.

I have a sword hanging over my head today. I have 3 interviews to finish writing up and get in by tomorrow. I've got all the info gathered, I just need to hammer it into shape. Two are already in a shape, maybe not the best shape, but not bad shape, but the third one is just a jumble. Ask me if I've got an idea of its final shape. Go on, ask me. Maybe you'd better not, I don't want to stain your brain this early in the morning. Perhaps inspiration is waiting at the dive shop. Yeah, I'm sure it is. It better be. All I really want to do is go back to sleep. Maybe next week.

February 21--Hiram Powers, Andrew Jackson. He doesn't look happy, this marble president, armless and balanced on a pedestal. It's not a very tall pedestal, maybe he thinks he deserves more. He's not wearing a suit and tie either, he's just draped with some sort of cloth. That cloth amazes me. I mean, it's marble but it looks as though a breeze could move it. Anyway, Old Hickory does not look happy. His mouth is turned down and his brows look frowny. Maybe he's mad because of the mess the inauguration guests made in the White House. I hear it was trashed by the time the last drunk staggered out. I'll bet his wife had a lot to say about that. He looks to me like he's supposed to wear glasses but is too vain. And why did they call him Old Hickory? I need to look that up.

Well, that wasn't very story-ish, was it? I'm totally amazed at the skill of sculptors who can make marble look like fabric. It must take forever to get it that smooth and flowing looking. Oh, our final snow total from snowstorm Dana was 13.9 inches. Plenty for a February snowstorm. Drive safely today.

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Susan Marlene Kinney said...

Hi Crazy writing person! I wish you a much better day and a restful sleep!! Keep your chin up this too shall pass. :)