Monday, March 23, 2020

I Caved

With the institution of social distancing and shelter in place I realized how much I miss the birds and squirrels, so I caved to temptation, stuck the crooks back into the ground, and hung the birdfeeders.  A chickadee found the platform feeder in about an hour.  I have faith that it'll spread the word that I'm back in business.

This squirrel found the peanut wreath in about 10 minutes.  It will not be spreading the word.  I know this because it leaped down and chased away another squirrel that came by.  The second squirrel wasn't as fluffy and nice looking as the first one.  I might have chased it away too.

When I was getting out the feeders I saw a peek of green in last fall's leaves in the bed below the kitchen window.  These tiny sprouts will grow up to be day lilies pretty soon.

I got the freezer inventoried this afternoon.  There's more in there than I thought.  I'll be eating well, especially in the fish/seafood department.  Mm.

Supper tonight was delicious.  It's Sheet Pan Sausage & Veggies over brown rice.  Yum.  I had some Never Any brand Chicken Italian sausage from ALDI that I used.  Delicious!  I need to get more of that stuff.  And there are five more servings for the rest of the week.  I'll try some of it in a flour tortilla like a fajita.  The recipe is definitely a keeper.

23 March--Barbara Malcolm, Three Cheers for Murder.

Cecilia put a “Back in 1 hour” sign on the door of The Alchemists, locked up, and crossed the street.  She was surprised to see that the bookstore was closed even though it was nearly eleven o’clock in the morning.  She rapped on the door and waited to see if Marlene was in.  She heard footsteps and the door opened revealing a transformed Marlene.  
 “Wow, you look terrific, Marlene!”   
“Thanks, Cecilia.  What can I do for you?” 
 “I, uh, wanted to talk to you about the City Council meeting tonight.  Want to make sure I have all my ducks in a row, so I don’t make a fool of myself in front of all those stiffs at City Hall.  Can I come in?” she asked, edging into the darkened store.  “Aren’t you feeling well today?  I was surprised that you’re not open.”   
“Oh, I’m fine,” said Marlene.  “Just trying to get some work done without interruptions this morning.  Come on in.  Want to come upstairs for some tea and cookies?  I have time.  I was planning to open up at noon.” 

I picked up my online grocery order this morning.  Remember last night how proud I was of myself for figuring out how to amend my order?  Well, pride goeth before a fall.  When I unpacked the groceries the two items I added weren't there.  I know she wouldn't have missed them because she was careful to get in touch by text when the exact items I ordered weren't in stock and offer alternates.  She wouldn't have missed them.  These weren't things I was desperate for so they just went on the next list.  

I went for a walk around the block in the late afternoon sunshine.  I forgot a hat and gloves, I'll remember next time.  Forty-one and breezy is a little chilly to forget them.

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Aunt B said...

I'm so glad you put the bird feeders back out. No need for social distancing from the wildlife in your backyard. I ventured out to Walmart to pick up a Rx and a few groceries. Lots of half empty shelves all over the place. Trying a breakfast bar recipe is my activity for today's shut-in. Your veggies looked wonderful in that beautiful bowl.