Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Yahoo! Sure Feels & Looks Like Spring

You know I was worried about having something to say on here today but as I was racing out of the house to make my chiro appointment on time I saw something worth talking about so I snapped a couple pictures.  The sun has been shining and look what's popped up to greet it...

                                                                                                         two yellow crocuses

and two clusters of daffodils.

I will admit that I didn't knit at all yesterday (I've been focusing on finishing up my Design-a-thon entries and writing the patterns) but I did decide to dig out the pattern for yoga socks today and when I get home I'll pick out some Cascade Fixation yarn (mostly cotton with a bit of elastic) and a set of DPNs, then tuck them into a project bag.  See, I'm determined not to quit doing yoga and we'll have a third person in our room at The Clearing in the fall, and the only place that my yoga mats fits is right in front of the door to the bathroom.  Not a good scenario for three women "of a certain age" to block the bathroom door.  I got a brainwave this morning and realized that if I move the chairs on the porch I can do my yoga out there, and wouldn't that be lovely?  Except if it's raining, of course.  It's a plan and it lets me give in to my "the weather's getting nicer" start-itis a bit.  (that's my excuse... um, reason, and I'm sticking to it)

March 9--Dennis Galante, Tuesday, September 19, 1995.  Jill looked at the calendar over her desk.  How could it be past the middle of September already?  She felt like the Fourth of July was a couple weeks ago and Labor Day was yesterday.  That was wrong, she knew it was, but it felt to her as if the calendar pages were falling off more than one a day, or someone was pulling a prank.

That's all I've got.  I meant to write more but there was a lot of coma handwriting in the last three lines for me to decipher as it was.  I was tired, the fault of all the fresh air I was out in yesterday.  Now it's time for working--or knitting and listening to an audiobook until the phone rings or a customer arrives.  I love my job.

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Aunt B said...

Oh, those brave little Spring sprouts!!! They almost make a long winter worth it. Almost!!! But when the daffodils really come out and there's a big burst of yellow...... well, it's a good thing!!!