Sunday, March 13, 2016

Green Things & Birds

Despite the gray and dreary day we have a lot to celebrate in the world of springing Springtime.  Not only did we "spring forward" for Daylight Savings Time overnight (which means it'll be back to being dark when my alarm goes off for a while, grrr) but things are sprouting and greening up out there.

This morning I saw that the purple striped crocuses are up and ready to unfurl their petals.  The hyacinth in the most protected corner in front is showing the tip of its bud, and daffodils and tulips are stretching up out of their winter sleep too.

In back the daylilies under the kitchen window are up and the sedum in the same flower bed is waking up.  See the little green rosettes of buds?

I was happy to catch the Red-bellied Woodpecker at the peanuts and the Bluejays have rediscovered them too.  A male Purple Finch napping on the bare honeysuckle is starting to change into his Summer plumage.

I did a little sewing and a little knitting yesterday but nothing worth showing off.  Today I need to check the Knitting Guild blog to remind myself what I need to gather together or knit a swatch of for next Thursday's meeting.  Three of the members will be showing us how to do things so we need supplies to play along.  Thursday's also the day we turn in our completed designs AND the written pattern (all discretely tucked in a brown paper bag, of course) so that the Program people can get it all ready for voting at the April meeting.  I'm getting excited, also a little frantic.  And I can't wait to show you all the stuff I made and made up.

March 13--Greg Ragland, Choices.  Marian stood in front of the row of doors.  She felt like there was no good choice.  If she went with red, her favorite color, there might be something bloody behind it or maybe fire.  She figured there was either sky or ocean behind the blue door and the scorching sun was what she expected to see if she chose the yellow door.  She puzzled a long time over what might be behind the orange door.  Fruit?  Pumpkins?  Since nothing rhymed with orange she expected that there might be some sort of trickster there.  She was confident that there was money behind the green door.  What else could it be?  She walked over, turned the knob, and stepped through.  Her last word was "alligators."

And that's what can happen when you stay up too late playing with yarn.  Today is going very fast.  I blame the fools that made us change the clocks, also the fact that there's not one microray of sunshine to be seen in the land--at least, in the part I can see.  I think I'll go pout, or go to the store for celery so I can make soup.  One of those.

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Aunt B said...

In spite of the gray day, your photos this time are so colorful! The little sprouts of all kinds of things -- and the pretty birds! Yay for Spring!!!