Friday, March 18, 2016


That would have been my answer if anyone had asked me how I got out of bed this morning.  See, I had a 9 o'clock appointment to get my car's oil changed and when I woke up the clock across the room said 8:45.  So I catapulted out of bed and got there on time.  Now the garage is about a half a mile away (the long way) so all I had to do was pee, brush my teeth, throw on some clothes, get in the car, jam a hat on my head to cover up my bed head, and drive there.  He probably wouldn't have minded if I was a few minutes late, but I HATE to be late so I made the effort and made it.  I never assume that people will wait for me or be willing to be polite about waiting for me and I've made it my mission for the last few years to always be polite and it would have been impolite if I was late so I wasn't.  *pant, pant*  The thick overcast, chilly and windy day doesn't help with waking up either.  I thought I'd have to leave the car, walk home and pick it up later so that would help me wake up but he did it while I waited so I still feel a little groggy and it's after 11 o'clock.

I tried a new preemie hat pattern yesterday and got most of it done at work, then after I got home from Knitting Guild I finished it.  Isn't it adorable?  Some little dude's going to look pretty sweet in that hat with those tiny pompoms.  The yarn color is American Hero and I like it.  I think I'll use the same pattern for the next hat too.

Last night's Knitting Guild program was Tabletop Techniques where three of the members each teach us a small knitting technique.  JL taught an invisible increase (the purple/green/orange variegated swatch), JS taught us 3-needle bind off (the lime green/ice blue swatch), and KS taught us a provisional cast on (the celery green and gray tweed swatch).  I never assume that I know everything there is to know about any knitting technique so I'm always ready to learn something new or another way to do something I already know and I really appreciate members stepping up to share a bit of their knowledge.  Thanks, knitters!

Spring is busting out in front of the house.  The most protected hyacinth bud is getting taller, the daffodils at the cold and windy end of the house are sending up buds, and the little squills are peeking out.  The bunnies have eaten off almost all of the crocuses and I am not pleased.  Bunnies are cuter than squirrels but still... I am not pleased.

March 18--Mark Duran, Japanese Schoolboys.  Henry hated it when Tom showed off.  He'd grab Henry's face, squeeze as hard as he could, plant a loud, smacking kiss on his cheek, and then knock off his hat, all the while laughing.  Laughter from the other kids echoed off the cement block walls of the school and someone always scooped up Henry's hat and ran off with it.  He would run after them and yank it out of their hands, then spend the rest of his walk home straightening it out.  His mother would ask how his hat had gotten crushed again and he would say he had sat on it, again.

Man, I hate kids teasing other kids.  Happened to me and I'm certain I did it to others.  Bad.  I've had a pinched nerve or muscle in my neck for a few days and it sure hurts, not all the time but if I turn just the wrong way.  Maybe I'll see if I can't visit the chiropractor on Monday.  She's off today, of course.  I've got a sewing project to tackle for DS & DIL1 so I think I'm going to go get on it.  Oh, that insect thing I couldn't identify at work is a clip for your car visor that holds your sunglasses.  Thanks, DD and Mrs. Boss, for the info.

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