Monday, March 7, 2016

Chopping Out the Patio Glacier

It's warm today. (55 degrees!!!)  Partly sunny too.  All that snow that fell on Friday night?  Gone.  So I went out to see if I couldn't get rid of a lot of the ice on the patio.  I could.  I used a shovel and levered it up from the melting edge, then tossed the pieces out onto the lawn.  My first hint that it's getting warmer was seeing one of those nasty, biting ladybugs crawling up the patio door.  I ushered it outside.

Last night while watching the final (sob!) episode of Downton Abbey I finished the Leap Day Seamen's Cowl.  I like how it turned out and in my yarn organizing I found some more yarn that'll be perfect for making more cowls.  I figure if I knit one cowl a month I'll have a nice pile of them to send in the fall when they start assembling gifts for the mariners.

Speaking of organizing my yarn, I didn't finish last night and thought about doing more today but I think I'm going to stay above ground on this warm and sunny day.  There'll be other days to go down and sort through more yarn and get its location put on Ravelry.  I'll get there.  Baby steps.

March 7--Peter B. Kaplan, Commuters in Rain.  Rain.  Why did it have to rain when I have an important meeting?  Mary fumed as she crossed First Street.  She had dressed carefully that morning in her best suit, fresh hose, and good black pumps with reasonable heels.  As she walked along she felt drops of dirty street water kicked up by her steps spatter her calf.  She was she that she would make the worst possible impression.

Since it's such a nice day today, I'm going to grill out.  I love to grill out especially after not being able to for so long.  Yum, meat on the grill.

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Aunt B said...

You are brave to scrape up all that ice on the patio. But at least you'll be safe when you grill. And yes, meat on the good!!!