Thursday, March 17, 2016

Very Interesting

I went out in the chilly and windy (holy Moses, is it windy still) dawn to fill the birdbath and take a picture or three of the sunrise.  Naturally there was a thick bank of gray clouds clogging up the eastern sky but I took a shot anyway.  I was quite surprised to see the band of pink at the horizon line.  Cross my heart, I didn't see that with my naked eyes, it only showed up on "film."  Really.

Last night after supper I whipped up a batch of curried chickpeas to take along when I go visit my friend, Lala, in White Lake on Saturday.  She's had an awfully busy week so I volunteered to bring supper.  When I got the ingredients after work I also picked up a bag o'salad, one of the ones with all the fixings in it.  Have you discovered chopped salads?  They're made of a lot of cabbage-y veggies with some lettuce-like aspects, carrots, and the like.  I found a "recipe" for chopped salad on the Pioneer Woman's Food TV site and made it for a family supper a few years back and found I really love them.  I hope Lala likes them too--or I'll just eat it all.  This morning I cooked up a batch of rice so we'll have something to serve the chickpeas over.  Yum, I can't wait to eat everything.  And it's so healthy!  Hold your applause.  We're having ice cream cones for dessert.  (and the chickpeas aren't that garish yellow in real life)

I finished March Preemie Hat #3 yesterday too.  As much as I love this pattern I think I'm going to try my hand at a different one, one of the basically square ones with tiny pompoms at the corners, next.  Still using the same bright and colorful yarn, of course.

Today at work I need to do the homework for tonight's Tabletop Techniques program at the Bay Lakes Knitting Guild meeting.  I'm excited to learn three new things.  It's also the night I'll turn in my Design-a-thon entries and patterns AND I am thrilled that I remembered some non-perishable food for the pantry in the church whose room we get to use for free.  (I've forgotten the last 2 times.  Bad girl, bad.)

Mr. Downy Woodpecker came for breakfast while I was yog-ing this morning and hung around long enough for me to snap his picture.  I love how focused he is.  He shifts around to get just the right angle on what he's trying to peck out.  Gives me a neck ache just watching.

March 17--Scott Barrow, Inc., Miami Beach.  The water really is that color.  Not blue, not green, some unnameable shade between the two.  If you scoop up a handful it's clear but the water isn't the same color of the sky so it's not a reflection.  How can that be?  When you're in the water it just looks like water, bluish but not the crazy gorgeous turquoise, blue-green infinity it looks like from the sand.  It's even more amazing when you fly over it.  From the navy black of the deeps through all the blue shades to almost, but not quite, clear at the shore every part of it is incredible.  It's the kind of thing you could spend a lifetime looking at and never tire of.

Hey, it's March 17th.  Happy St. Patrick's day!  Oh man, I suppose I should wear something green.  Let's see *taps lips* what do I have that's green.  I've got a lime-ish green long sleeved tee and a celery-ish green cotton sweater.  I could probably layer those and not look too idiotic, especially if I tie them together with a neon purple/magenta/lime green shawl/scarf.  Okay, I'm good.  Time to blow this pop stand.

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Aunt B said...

"Hanging" around is definitely the right word to describe the Downy Woodpecker upside down on your bird feeder. And yes, I've tried that bagged mixed salad deal and love it. If only Paul enjoyed salads the way I do. But I have plenty of chances for a big lunch salad on the many days I play bridge. Four (!!!) this week. And I'm almost to ashamed to admit that. But twice I was a sub so it isn't as if I do this the third week of every month.