Saturday, March 12, 2016

Productive Is My Middle Name--Sorta

I got things done last night.  The first thing I pulled from my basket at Friday Night Knitting was Sudoku Violet #7 and I finished that up.  Then I cast on a Preemie Hat in Premier Everyday Harvest Melon.  I forget between makings how really fast and simple that little hat is but not how cute it looks knitted up in bright colors.  Both of those patterns are truly knitting-in-a-group patterns because they're so simple and mindless.

I should be downstairs right now sewing on something that needs finishing soon but it's so nice outside we've got some windows open so actual fresh air is infiltrating the stuffy, winter corners and I can't bring myself to descend to the dank and chilly depths.  So I went to the coin shop over by the grocery to see if I could find more coins with holes in them.  I've got an idea for a craft project scratching around in the back of my mind and those holey foreign coins might be perfect for what I'm thinking.  They've got a plastic shoebox of 10/$1 coins on the counter so the owner gave me a tray to sort them out into and then another bigger box to dump them into before dipping back into the main box.  He seemed bemused that I kept searching and seemed to be bent on looking at every coin.  I explained that all of my
ancestors were German so I've got a lot of stubborn stored up.  He asked my maiden name and when I told him said, "I know AJ, do you?"  "Yeah, he's my brother," I told him, so then we had a nice chat about our old high school days while I found this mittful of coins.  Don't they look cool?  A few of them have been drilled out but the majority were made that way.  Anyway, I had to laugh because it seems no matter where I go around here someone knows me or part of my family.  It makes it very hard to get into mischief.  Not that I ever would.

March 12--George Abe, Expeditious Solutions.  I stand in the museum staring at the latest exhibit.  There has been a lot of talk about this art.  How relevant and deep it is.  This one is called "Expeditions Solutions."  It's a field of pink boxes the color and shape of the pencil erasers I had as a kid, only with the ends squared off.  In the shadow of each box is a tiny human figure trying to push the box.  Above it all hovers a yellow plus sign lying flat with an upright figure standing in the center.  The landscape is bucolic, a wide green field with trees and hills in the background.  What is this the solution to?  I wonder if the artist knows or are these just two words he thinks sound good and artsy together?

Well, it's starting to cloud up so I suppose I can no longer avoid going downstairs and getting to work.  Or I could sit on the couch and knit... no, I should go sew, get things done and then play later.  That's the adult thing to do, isn't it?  But maybe I don't want to adult today... wah.

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Aunt B said...

Can't wait to see what you do with those coins. I know it'll be something very clever. In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I fixed corned beef (from the deli) and cabbage for dinner last night. Didn't turn out quite as I'd envisioned -- maybe because it wasn't the right date???