Friday, March 11, 2016

Where Has Today Gone?

Wasn't it just 10 o'clock in the morning about half an hour ago?  I fired this thing up and plugged in the old TomTom GPS to update the maps and all hell broke loose.  The program wouldn't load so I deleted it and then reinstalled it which went fine, then when I was backing up the GPS somehow Windows 10 decided to install itself.  See, when they were handing out free upgrades before the program launched I said, "sure, I'll have a free upgrade," but the more I battle the #$%&@ thing at work the less I want it on my laptop. So I had to force close it in mid-upgrade then restart so it could default to my last functioning operating system.  I tried to figure out how to tell Windows 10 to leave me alone but the best I could do was hide the icon and notifications.  It's still in here lurking around.  I love computers, don't you?

Last night's sunset was quite lovely when I was getting dressed after my haircut-at-9 AM-then-spent-all-day-with-hair-schnipples-down-my-back shower.  (Oh, crap, this weekend Daylight Savings Time comes back, doesn't it?  That means it'll be dark when I wake up in the morning again.  Grr.)  Yesterday must have been Haircut Day.  I got a haircut, LC got a haircut, and my Door County pal, KS, got a haircut.  We should have all done lunch afterwards--except for me having to work, LC not being able to drive, and KS being 81 miles away.

Today the crocuses bloomed.  Yay!  And when I got the mail a bunch of twigs and dried grass came out with it.  Seems some birdie decided to build her next in the mailbox.  Uh, no, sorry, we're not taking renter applications at this time.  Another sight that makes me happy is that little patch of greening grass in the backyard up by the retaining wall.

March 11-AMG Productions, UFO.  Why did they always show up at dusk?  Gabe had spent a grand on a new camera and tripod, and no matter what settings he used the pictures were always blurry with very little detail.  He'd been seeing alien spacecraft almost every night since he'd moved out to the edge of town.  He figured he was on the flight path and was just glad the ships weren't noisy like the jumbo jets that landed at O'Hare.  His mother-in-law used to live about a mile from O'Hare and you'd have to stop talking every ten or fifteen minutes when the damned planes went over.  At least the UFOs were quiet, his nerves didn't need the aggravation.  Now all he wanted  was to be able to take a clear, sharp shot of one of them going by.  Maybe one of these days one would come by in the daylight and he'd get photographic proof that would shut people up once and for all.

Now the pizza's almost done and then it'll be time to go to knitting.  Yippee, it's knitting night.  I love knitting night.

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Aunt B said...

Spring is busting out all over!!! Yay!!! But I'm with you on Daylight Savings Time. So Boo on that!!! Is it just me, or is it earlier this year? I think I heard on TV that it's starting two weeks earlier -- for some reason. I did not get a vote on that decision!