Saturday, March 5, 2016

Snow Came Back

Durwood and I were talking about how little snow we've had this winter when we were out and about yesterday.  Last night Mother Nature took care of that, not that it's going to hang around for long, it's supposed to hit 50 degrees tomorrow or Monday so it'll all melt away again.  But I wasn't thrilled to walk out of knitting last night into wet, heavy snow making everything slick.  The roads were awful and I was glad that the car stuck to the driveway when I got home, even if it did slide a bit cockeyed, at least it stayed (sorta) where I put it.

Yesterday afternoon I went downstairs with my laptop and camera to tackle organizing my yarn stash.  This is one of those "you make a bigger mess to make it tidier" situations, but I'm enjoying it and I'm enthusiastic to get it all pinpointed on Ravelry so it'll be easier to find things in the future.

On the Christmas at Sea page I found a sewing pattern for the bags they put the mariners' gifts in and I was impressed that they suggested using shoelaces as drawstrings, so I poked around Goodwill last night and found a gold mine of shoelaces.  As luck would have it almost all of them had yellow tags and yesterday yellow tags were half off, so I got all of these for about $7.  The funniest one is a package with an old 60 cent price sticker on the front and the new 99 cent Goodwill price sticker on back but because it was a yellow sticker I only paid 50 cents so I saved a dime.  Yay, me!

I've only got about 2" to add to the Leap Day Seamen's Cowl and I cast on a Too Early Birthday Preemie Hat last night that'll get done today.  I forget how quickly those little hats knit up; I need to make one every once in a while.  I can't afford to give much money to charity but I sure can afford to sew and knit a few things to give away.

March 5--Peter Armenia.  Dee's view out the slit in the crate was so small it might have fit on a postage stamp.  She didn't know how long she had been in the crate or where they had taken her.  She was just glad they had stopped moving.  Should she call out?  She couldn't see anyone, there were no voices, no sounds other than the shush of the wind in the pine trees.  She wouldn't call out.  Bad things happened when she did.

This is what I get for reading crime novels.  I'm going to go back down to play with yarn.

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Aunt B said...

Lots of yarn!!! And a shoelace bonanza!!!