Saturday, March 26, 2016

Sometimes You Just Need A Dog

I've been feeling pretty low lately (March has never been my happiest month) so I went over to visit Porter this morning.  Her family was off gallivanting so I just sneaked into their backyard and played with their dog.  She seemed to enjoy it but then I might have had treats in my pocket.  Her squeaky toy and some tennis balls were barely peeking out of the snow so we played ball.  I love watching her run because she gets such joy from it.  I'll confess later to being there when they were gone (I have a feeling they won't mind)--unless the neighbor guy who saw me walking up the driveway blabs.  After an hour playing and petting Porter a much happier me went on a few errands.  (I said hello to the chickens but they won't let me pet them and they don't really play.)


The snow's melting away from the house so the bulbs and blooms are back in view seemingly none the worse for their days under the snow.  Even the crocus blossom nestled amidst the tulip leaves isn't crumpled or fading.  Resilience, thy name is crocus.

I got to the point of putting the Hamish cardi's sleeve stitches on waste yarn last night and knitted a few underarm rounds.  It's starting to look like a sweater.

March 26--Andi Martin, Cloud.  "That one looks like a teddy bear," Marni said.  "Yes, it does," said Drake, "and the one right next to it looks like Ulysses S. Grant."  All of the kids hooted.  "How do you know what he looks like?"  "You're making that up."  Drake half-sat up, leaning on one elbow.  "Nuh-uh.  I read about him in school and there's a statue of him in the park by my grandpa's house." He flopped back down and let the rest of them pick out pigs and VW bugs.  He silently watched President Grand float away and merge with a hippo.

Now once I've crossed "blog" off in my Bullet Journal, I'll go downstairs to sew some ties on the inside of LC's kitchen and make a collapsible sink because "Meemaw, I need a sink."  You'd make one too if someone that cute said she needed one.  I'll show you how it's going tomorrow.  

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Aunt B said...

Nice to have Porter to play with and enjoy for a little pick-me-up. But also nice to know he's just your "granddog" and not your 24/7 child! That tiny sweater!!! But it looks sweet and will probably swallow him. So glad we had our wonderful long telephone visit yesterday. Hope your Skype attempt with the Kentucky kids came right.