Monday, March 21, 2016

We Had Pancakes

But not just any pancakes.  I looked in the orange cookbook (Betty Crocker, 1971) for a pancake recipe and was inspired by the page full of variations the recipe would tolerate so I cobbled together a bunch of their ideas and made ours half flour-half cornmeal, took out the sugar and salt, and added a half-cup of shredded sharp cheddar, a half-cup of minced ham (Durwood said it needed more), and a minced scallion (we agreed it needed more).  I heated up our new cast iron griddle (thanks again, Lala!) and made supper.  Durwood ate all of  his, I have half of mine left for lunch today.  They were very yummy with butter and syrup.

After supper I sat on the couch, wove in all the tails, and crocheted Sudoku Block #7 together.  It takes longer than I think it will to weave in all those yarn ends after I've got it crocheted together.  How many are there?  Well, let's count.  First I crochet the columns of three squares so that's two per joining so four per column, then I crochet each of the three columns together which adds two more per column, so that's... 2, 4, 6, 8 around the center square, plus 8 around the outside equals 16 ends.  No wonder it takes a while.  Only two more blocks!  Six more squares!

Yesterday afternoon a Sharp-shinned Hawk use the apple tree to survey the parking lot behind us for prey.  He/she didn't turn around to see the herd of chipmunks that call our backyard home but we got to admire the bird's back.  I think the white spots mean it's molting.

When I went out for the paper this morning I saw a purple crocus poking its head up in the midst of some tulip leaves.  Maybe the bunnies won't chomp that one.

March 21--Don Hall, Boca Grande Lighthouse Variations.  Celia thought the building wasn't tall enough to be a lighthouse but the land here was very low and there was a cupola with a lamp and lens on top so it must be one.  She thought about all the stories written about lighthouses on the rocky, stormy New England coast and how she would be much more eager to do research on a lighthouse in the south where it's warm and has a laid back lifestyle with modern-day pirates oozing charm as they ply a girl with rum drinks.

I felt like I was going to segue into a Jimmy Buffet song there any minute so I closed the notebook, turned out the light, and zonked off.  Today I do laundry (yay) and sew Velcro on diaper covers, which means Grandbaby #2's arrival is getting closer (a real Yay!).

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Aunt B said...

That Sudoku afghan is a lifelong project for you. But it does look like one of those puzzles. You get an "A" for perseverance!!!