Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I Knew It Would Come After I Got Home

The battery and SD card compartment door of my camera started to sproing open so I ordered a new, refurbished one online.  I hoped it would arrive before I left to drive up to White Lake last Saturday.  It didn't.  It came yesterday but I need to print out the manual because it seems to have Wi-Fi and I can't figure out how or why to use it.  

I decided to make yoga socks again.  This is the second size needles I'm using.  I may go down another size because this cuff still looks big.  I should probably try this on.

The weather people are saying that it's supposed to snow like crazy starting tomorrow and into Thursday.  I don't want it to snow anymore.  I especially don't want it to snow 12-14 inches like they say it's supposed to.  I have crocuses, see?  They don't want it to snow either.  Wah!

March 22-Wolfgang Kaehler, Tlingit Longhouse, Closeup of Art.  It was the eyes over the door that stopped Melia's feet as she walked toward the building.  She was familiar with the stylized feathers and ravens from watching episodes of Antiques Roadshow but she had never seen eyes like those.  Crazy eyes that pinned her on the spot and lasered into her heart.  She lowered her gaze feeling the disconnect like turning off a switch and went in.

I should go outside to soak up some sunshine because it sure won't be sunny for the next few days.  Toodle-oo.

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Aunt B said...

Why, why, why does it snow after the crocuses have already come up and bloomed??? But why ask why? Can't do anything about the weather except gripe! And I'm good at that!!!