Sunday, March 6, 2016

Snow's Melting Away

I predicted this, didn't I?  Look at that sky.  Don't you think it looks like Spring? (today Spring gets a capital letter because I want to make it feel welcome--hurry, hurry!)  The sunlight is starting to look like Spring too, or maybe it's the angle and direction it's coming from but I know that Spring is coming.  It'll probably snow a dozen more times, maybe even dump a blizzard on us, but Spring is coming.  I can tell.

Mr. Downy Woodpecker came for brunch this morning.  He sat in the apple tree blending in like a chameleon before swooping down to land upside down on the suet for his snack.  I've been watching for Cardinals too, they've been uncharacteristically scarce this winter, but I've been hearing them calling for mates lately.  I looked up from my breakfast to see one on the patio right between the step and the edge of the snow but it flew off before I could even lay my hand on the camera.  Drat it.

I finished up a preemie hat this morning.  I forget how quick these tiny hats are to make.  I cast this one on at Friday Night Knitting, got three-quarters done in just about an hour, then knitted the crown decreases while visiting with friends after brunch.  I ordered a couple more interchangeable needle tips pairs in the new color and they came yesterday.  Naturally I had to put them onto the cable that I'm knitting the Leap Day Seamen's Hat on to try them out.  They work fine.  Sorry, I'm a dork but I had to have the new color.  *sheesh*

I am nowhere near done reorganizing my yarn.  Of course, I haven't dedicated entire days to the project only a morning and an afternoon of two days and I'll be back down there as soon as I'm done here.  I did get the laundry done--except for the sheets--yesterday so I can cross that off my list.  I knew this yarn thing was going to be a big project, I just didn't realize how much of my yarn wasn't on Ravelry, so I'm taking pictures, weighing partial skeins, adjusting the yarn used in finished projects so that the remaining yarn amount is close to actuality.  I am determined to retire soon, maybe at the end of this year, so I'll have the time to do things with Durwood, get my chores done, and still have lots of time left to play with hobbies and to WRITE.  I need to carve out writing time, and this blogging writing doesn't count.  Durwood thinks I'll get bored without work to go to and that I'll be frustrated without a paycheck.  He's probably right about the second part but I think he's way off base about me getting bored.  I keep telling him that I've got enough yarn and fabric to make years' worth of projects for very little money.  He doesn't go into the basement anymore, he doesn't know.

March 6--Skip Caplan, Egg Clock.  Sheri leaned her chin on her hands.  Her hands lay atop one another on the kitchen counter.  Her eyes watched the minutes tick off on the clock timer.  She had gotten the timer at the thrift and resale store in a town in a fairly ritzy part of the state.  It was a tourist town invaded by well-to-do out-of-state-ers who blew this way and that on the winds of fashion when it came to decorating their "cottages" and condos so the thrift shop was always good for a visit when she was in the area.  She'd had to buy the timer because it was shaped like a chicken and she was crazy about chickens.  As she watched the time tick away she heard her mom's voice in her head--"a watched pot never boils"--which she knew was true but there were brownies in the over and she wanted one in the worst way.

I could go for a brownie right now... but I'd have to make them and that'd slow down the yarn organizing.  Maybe tomorrow I'll bake some but right now I'm going to grab a quick shower and head down to play with yarn and stuff.

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Aunt B said...

I can't wait to see a picture of that tree on the other side of your fence starting to leaf out and confirm that Spring really and truly is on the way! Probably good that D doesn't go down into the basement any more. Seeing the pictures of your "stash" is good (and frightening!!) enough. You are your mother's daughter. Remember her sewing room?????