Saturday, March 19, 2016

Blindsided by the Bunny

The Easter Bunny, that is.  I went into the Dollar Tree yesterday looking for a gallon pitcher because the gallon of milk I bought earlier in the day had a pinhole leak and sprayed milk all over the van floor, the garage floor, the trash can next to the door, the kitchen floor, the two bags of groceries, and my purse.  Oh, my poor purse.  After I spent half an hour mopping and wiping and relocating Durwood's tea into a container he merely tolerates, I had a safe place for the remainder of the milk, but he wanted his tea pitcher back so I went in search of an adequate substitute.  BTW, after all the milk all over everything I realized that no more than one-quarter of a cup had been lost.  How that little milk makes that big of a mess I do not know.

Anyway, there in Dollar Tree was aisle after aisle of fun Easter stuff.  Quite a bit of it jumped into my cart.  Then this morning I went to the candy store because I realized if the Easter Bunny wants to get to Lexington, KY by next weekend she has to mail the package today on her way out of town.  The Bunny has been scurrying around quite a bit since 6:30 this morning.

Last night at knitting (before the Bunny had the whole "mail today, arrive on time" realization) I did a little seam ripping on diaper covers to get them ready for the coming grandbaby.  Seems there are kits of replacement Velcro which is worlds cheaper than replacing the covers just because the tabs don't stick as well anymore.  I can fix that!  Then I worked on Sudoku Snow #7.  After finishing this square, I'll assemble block #7 and then have only two more to go.  I. Can. Not. Wait.

Robins!  There was a robin at the birdbath this morning and another one trying to get some suet.  I wasn't fast enough to snap a photo of this robin flapping frantically while poking its beak at the suet feeder but here it is resting before its next assault.  Too funny.  It gets a tiny bit every once in a while, I guess that encourages it to keep trying.

I was up early enough to catch the colorful sunrise.  I dearly love this color, whatever it is, layered on the gray clouds and bluing sky.

March 19--Brian Vikander, Buddhist Monks.  Whenever anyone spoke of Buddhist monks Natalie's first thought was those earnest Hare Krishnas in their saffron robes that used to haunt major airports begging for change.  Here in Tibet monks were happy, smiling men in dark red robes that tended to tiny gardens in mountain terraces and chanted in deep, echoing tones when at prayer.  She felt their chanting resonating through her as she lay in her room at the hostel, felt it like a protective blanket lulling her to sleep.

Now I'm leaving.  I'm going to drive a ways Up Nort' to spend the night with Lala and just get away to clear my head for 24 hours.  Talk to you tomorrow.  But first I, uh, the Easter Bunny will mail a package.

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Aunt B said...

Yay for robins! They're like the Paul Revere of the bird world announcing "Spring is coming, Spring is coming" -- a promise fulfilled!!! Paul took the freezer compartment of our refrig all apart yesterday in an attempt to fix the ice maker. What a project!! And I helped!!! The miracle part is that he got it all back together. Hallelujah moment! But the ice maker still doesn't work! Drat it! Back to the old ice cube trays. However, I love dumping those cubes out. I can be the icemaker!!!