Wednesday, March 2, 2016

One Big Head

A while back Woodman's grocery had cauliflower on sale so I bought the biggest one I could find.  We haven't eaten it (partly because it's so huge) and it occurred to me in the shower this morning that if we didn't eat it, and soon, it was going to go bad.  And no one in their right mind wants a cauliflower the size of Godzilla's bowling ball rotting in their fridge.  So I cut it up, tossed it with a bit of olive oil (probably 2 Tablespoons, it doesn't need much) and a half-teaspoon of minced garlic, spread it on the biggest baking sheet we own, and it's even now in a 450 degree oven roasting its little heart out for about 40 minutes.  I'm going to go stir it around in a minute so it all gets a chance to be roasty and toasty but, mm, does this place smell good.  Now even if we don't eat it tonight (which we won't) or tomorrow night (maybe not then either) at least I've extended its life and could even probably toss some of it into the freezer for really later.

Last night's sunset was pretty good as I crossed the Mason St. bridge but it can't hold a candle to this morning's sunrise from my patio.  It's back to being about 17 degrees at sunup and last night's bunnies left lots of paw prints in the inch of new snow we got yesterday but I don't really mind the cold if the sun comes out.  Right now it's gray and overcast but that little shot of sunshine really perks up my day.

I had high hopes for dedicating this coming (4-day for me) weekend to sorting through and reorganizing my yarn and fabric but I checked the calendar after I did my yoga this morning and Sunday is the only day with nothing on the docket.  Friday Duwood's got an appointment, Saturday we meet friends at 10 AM for brunch, and on Monday Durwood has another appointment.  So I'll be starting and stopping, stopping and starting (except for Sunday) but I'm determined to get most of it gone through and then updated on my Ravelry account so I know where to find what I'm looking for.  Right now I'm looking for an integral part of my Design-a-thon entry; that's first on my list of "now where did I put that?"  Wish me luck.

March 2--Noble Stock,  1441-7.  He was just an ordinary kid with freckles, a cowlick, and an impish grin that kept him from being mistaken for an angel.  Jakey was well-known in the neighborhood for all the right reasons.  He was always there to rake leaves around Mrs. Larsen's roses in the fall and help Mr. Hitachi trim his fruit trees.  Jakey kept up a running monologue about his favorite bugs, how the Packers were playing, and how his mom made him eat peas from a can when everyone knew the only peas worth eating came fresh out of the pods.  For a kid six months away from his seventh birthday he had a large and varied fan club.  That's why word got around fast when he showed up at school with a black eye and his arm in a cast.  Mrs. Francar asked if he'd fallen from a tree but he just shook his head.  His grin had gone too.

And now I'm off to Aldi for a few of their produce deals-of-the-week.  We're out of baby carrots and I want some strawberries (even if they probably taste a lot like the box they're in), some navel oranges (I can't get enough of them right now), some Roma tomatoes (if they look edible), and a bag of spring mix for salads with our Italian stuffed shells tonight.  Gotta run if I want to get to work on time (which I do).

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