Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!

The Bunny came!  The Bunny came!  See?  I hope the Bunny came to your house too.

We had a cool and rainy day and no real family plans so Durwood lolled around reading the paper and doing a drift of Mensa crossword puzzles.

I sewed a sink.  I spent part of yesterday drafting the pattern on some graph paper, measuring how big it should be (I drew around my Kindle in its case for the bottom) and digging out some small lace ruffle to sew on for "suds."  The outside is the same odd colored linen-like fabric I used to make the placemat stove and the inside is natural canvas.  The "water" is a piece of cotton remnant that used to have one of those wide elastic tops but was too small do anything with but make a Barbie dress--and there's absolutely no way or person I'm going to make Barbie clothes for.  Even though the canvas is pretty stiff I backed the outside fabric with some medium-to-firm interfacing I had laying around.  In fact everything I used was laying around--my kind of project.  Once I got the Velcro on to make the sink corners I cut off the excess so there aren't those big triangles of wasted fabric poking out and Fray-Checked the cut edges because the Velcro is too close to the edge to overcast it.  I like the way it turned out.  I hope LC likes it too.

March 27--Voscar, Open Water, Northern Maine.  That year there was no "ice out."  One day the river was a solid sheet of ice and twenty-four hours later there was nothing but open water.  Scottie sat on the south-facing porch, her face turned up like a sunflower.  The warm air on her face was like velvet and the sunshine a benediction.  She kind of missed the days of creaking and groaning as the ice thinned and broke apart, and she wondered if somewhere downstream the ice piled up in glittering mounds on the banks or against fallen logs.

I feel all discombobulated blogging so late but my day got away from me, the sewing time just flew by.  I might or might not blog tomorrow.  We'll see if there's anything worth photographing in the morning.  My BIL, RJ, is home safe from work (he calls on his way home from his job to catch up on the news and to stay awake) so I should probably sign off.  It's getting toward my bedtime too.  Adios.

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Aunt B said...

That sentence "I sewed a sink" is an attention grabber!! But the finished product is perfect and she's going to love it. But what do you bet she's going to want to have "real" water in it! Too cute. Took me a minute to figure out "BIL" - but it came to me. D's brother! Got it!!