Wednesday, March 30, 2016

And Then I Missed Yesterday

Sorry.  I got busy and distracted and just never got around to blogging yesterday, but here I am today.  Hooray.

The moon was tangled up in the maple tree branches when I went out for the paper yesterday morning and the sunrise tinted the clouds the palest pink.  There was even a nice sunset but there's no hope for anything but rain today.  In fact, I saw some raindrop pocks on the birdbath a few minutes ago so I guess we're doomed to a rainy day.  Not that I'm complaining, you understand, because last Wednesday we were girding our loins (that sounds kind of shady, doesn't it?) for Snowstorm Cindy, looking down the barrel of 8-12" of snow.  We got about 4-6" and only the densest piles remain.  I saw the dregs of a snowman yesterday and the makers had built him around a recycling bin so he was more impressive with less snow.  Very clever.

I realized that I couldn't procrastinate making lip balm when the twist-up cup of the tube in my pocket stuck to my lip, came out, and I didn't throw the whole thing away but scrabbled around on the floor to find the cup and nestle it back in the tube.  Time to melt things together and squirt stuff into tubes.  I couldn't decide which citrus flavor I wanted to add so I added them all--orange, lime, and lemon.  It's not bad.  I sat last night and labeled them all so I'm good to go for a while.

The birds are looking springier.  The Cardinal came by the other day looking pretty spiffy and (glory of glories) we saw a Goldfinch that was more than halfway back into his summer feathers.  They turn a dull olive green for winter and then molt back to their vivid yellow and black for summer--and finding a girlfriend.

Lala gave me this beautiful glass hanging of birds for Christmas and I dug out a suction cup and some silicone stick-on feet and put it on the patio door.  It looks very pretty when the sun shines--and pretty when it doesn't too.

March 30--Tim Thompson, Palm Trees.  Cheryl lay in the hammock strung between a pair of palm trees.  She thought how soft the fronds looked but they really clattered when the wind blew.  Looking up she thought about the cluster of coconuts way up at the top.  She wondered if any of them were ready to fall.  She heard them in the night, heard them thud to the sandy ground, and wondered how many people got beaned by falling coconuts every year.  She went back to her book but every gust of wind made her look up.  Her body tensed, ready to roll out of the way if one of the cannonball sized fruits fell.

Okay, I need to stop at Kwik Trip on my way to work for some bananas and Durwood's favorite blueberry donuts.  Yeah, I spoil him, so sue me.  He's spoiled me for the last 39 1/2 years; it's his turn for a little spoiling.  Off to keep the world safe from SCUBA diving.

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Aunt B said...

You deserve a day off every now and then -- as long as you promise to always come back the next day! Love the picture of the moon tangled up in the tree. And all that lip balm is very impressive. You're going to have the softest, most flavorful lips in the county!