Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Just A Bit Left

It's almost 70 degrees right now and what little is left of the patio glacier is melting--fast.  I know this is a fool's paradise, that the mercury is bound to hit freezing temps, at least on some nights, until mid to late April.  And it can snow into May around here.  But for right now, I've got the patio door open so that REAL air is coming in.  Ahhh.

I read in an article the other day that it's time to clean out your birdhouses so that they're ready for nesting birds.  So I checked the two birdhouses out there--one was empty but the other one was packed solid, filled almost to the top with mouse nesting.  Look at this pile.  I wonder how long it took the mousie to haul all of this up into the birdhouse.  Now the birdhouse is cleaned out and rehung, ready for this year's avian residents to raise their babies in it.

I've been so tempted to cast on a whole raft of projects so I kept a rein on my startitis tendencies and cast on Sudoku Violet #7.  I have only 3 more 9-square blocks to make and only 3 squares to make for each one, why am I avoiding it?  Can anyone tell me?  No, really, I want to know.

March 8--A. Higbee/Imagewright, 236-2615.  It looked like the aftermath of a battle.  Cora stood in the doorway trying to figure out how all of the broomsticks and mop handles had gotten splintered and scattered over the floor.  No one had lived in the house for years.  She supposed squatters or vagrants had sheltered there.  "I see you've found Birdie's burglar alarm."  Cora jumped when Thomas spoke right behind her.  "What do you mean?" she asked.  He spread his hands.  "Well, it would be easy to climb in this window, it's the lowest one in the house, so Birdie scattered the broomsticks and mop handles around to trip up any invaders."  He stepped around her into the doorway.  "I suppose we should clean it up."

Once again my day got away from me and here I am posting this after 8 o'clock at night.  Wonder what I'll find to say in the morning?  G'night.

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Aunt B said...

Any preview of Spring is welcome -- here in the Port City but especially for you up there in GB! Good for you for doing the housecleaning -- even if it's only for the birds!!!