Monday, March 28, 2016

I Found Something

I know you were worried I wouldn't be here today.  Did you have your fingers crossed?  Because I found a couple things I think are blog-worthy, well, one of them for sure.

I took a token picture of the sky when I got up.  It was pretty cloudy but there were gaps and now there's not a cloud in the sky.  That picture's pretty far down on the blog-worthy scale.

A bit higher on the scale is this row of Harry Potter coloring books I saw on the rack at Michaels'.  I might have bought one (purely as a gift, not for myself even though I will confess to being a big HP fan) but they're $15.99 and my wallet is a bit thin right now.  Maybe I'll see what coupons were in their Sunday ad... to put in the barrel for Christmas giving, of course.

At the top of the blog-worthy scale today are these little knobs of pink, yellow, and green.  They're rhubarb sprouts.  Rhubarb!  The harbinger of spring--and pie. This year, I swear (cross my heart), I'm going to harvest a bunch, wash it and chop it up, then freeze it so that we can make pies and stuff in the winter.  I'm absolutely certain that there are valuable vitamins in there that will keep scurvy and other dread diseases away in the long, cold winter.  One tiny notch down from the rhubarb sprouts (RHUBARB!!!!) [we all know I detest exclamation points, but I can't resist them today, they seem appropriate for my enthusiasm at seeing the rhubarb sprouts] are these daylily shoots poking about 4" up in the bed just below the kitchen window.  I like daylilies too but you can't make a pie out of them.

See that tiny patch of white out in the grass?  That's all the snow that was left from last Thursday's snowstorm when I got up this morning.  It's gone now--and good riddance.

March 28--Stephen Wolf, Footsteps in Sand.  Caleb walked along just above the high water line watching big fishing boats and freighters out on the horizon.  He looked down to see footprints come out of the water and turn south, the direction he was going.  He looked up, shading his eyes with his hand, but couldn't see anyone.  He kept walking, watching gulls swoop down and try to catch the little crabs that scuttled across the sand.  As he walked he avoided stepping on the prints, expecting them to turn in at one of the condo clusters that had spring up along this end of the beach.  He thought about how his old Lab, Sarge, would have loved chasing the crabs and gulls and splashing into the surf after small fish.  Caleb picked up a piece of driftwood just the right size for Sarge to retrieve and carried it for a while.  "Missing your dog?" a voice came from the shadow of a clump of sea grapes.

No, I don't know who it was.  I don't even know if it's a man or a woman, but I'd guess it's a woman.  By the time I got that far I ran out of steam and had to flip off the light to sleep.  Today, even though it's sunny, I'm going downstairs to work some more on organizing and categorizing my yarn stash.  Maybe I'll whip up some lip balm too, my supply is depleted.  Hasta la vista, babies.

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Aunt B said...

Yay!!! (And I know you hate those! {so wait}.) But your blog definitely rates an exclamation point - or three -- from me. And who wouldn't exclaim over all those signs of spring? Definitely worth cheering about. I woke up early this morning and when I looked out to the sunrise, all pink and beautiful, thought of you and how you love the sky. Always love your pictures of the sky.