Wednesday, March 16, 2016


I know how you rely on me to post every day to relieve the boredom of your humdrum lives and I tried really, really hard to find or do something interesting but I didn't have a lot of luck.  So I decided to try to make some mundane parts of my day interesting.  Here goes:

It rained all the way to work but once I got there it stopped.  The big plow-made snowdrift in the back corner of the parking lot had melted and this puddle was all that was left.  It was very windy and I hoped that there'd be wind ripples on the water but there weren't.  All you get is puddle.

There were three messages on the answering machine.  One was from a guy looking for info about learning to dive.  I called him back and left a message but he hasn't called back.  Yet. The second message was from the YP lady (with a very thick Southern accent) telling Mrs. Boss the answer to a question.  I wrote the info on one of those ubiquitous pink message pages.  The third message was one of those auto-dialed blanks.

The FedEx guy brought a box with a customer's dive computer returned from getting its battery replaced.  He's lucky, that computer came with free batteries for life.  (I don't know whose life, the diver or the computer, some things you just don't ask.)

There was an opened carton of these plastic dry boxes for people to put their room key, car key, or some cash in when they're diving or snorkeling to foil the people who make their living rifling beach bags.  I entered them into inventory, put price stickers on them, and made sure one of every color is on display (except for blue, it's the most popular color so I put out two).  *pats self on back*

The UPS guy brought a carton of... these.  There are a lot of them in there.  I think they look like an insect.  I have no idea what they are, but we have a bunch with our name and contact info on them.  I did manage to discover that the red carapace hinges up to expose little foam pads.  *shrugs*  I'm hoping Mrs. Boss leaves me a note as to what they are.  

In between these interesting-ish activities, I found some fin straps that we thought were lost, sold a few things and got told a riddle: 
What shakes and sits on the bottom of the ocean?  A nervous wreck!
Hahahahahahahaha.  I gotta tell you, I love that kind of stuff.  Thanks, I love being five.

March 16--Robert Frerch, Fern Forest.  Lydia leaned her hand on a tree trunk for balance as she stepped over a downed branch and felt something move under her hand.  "Ugh," she said and jerked her hand away, almost falling.  Everything around her was damp, mossy, slimy, or alive.  Things that looked like vines were snakes and there were insects that looked like leaves.  Something slimy had touched her sleeve and melted a slit in the fabric.  What kind of forest was this?

Haven't got a clue to the answer.  I writes 'em as I sees 'em.  It's now officially 10 PM, which means it's almost time for me to go to bed and write more incomprehensible drivel that I will put on here tomorrow.  Lucky you!


Ann said...

They're clips for sunglasses. They slide onto the visor in the car, and you clip the arms in foamy part. :)

Aunt B said...

See ..... your day was interesting after all. And not only to me!!! Plus you could always just make up lies! But I know you wouldn't do that, would you??? Only in your novel!