Tuesday, March 15, 2016

We Had Pie

In honor of Pi Day yesterday.  It was 3.14.16, the only time this century that the date will match the first five digits of pi.  Durwood suggested that we stop at Perkins for a piece of pie but I thought it'd be better to bake a pie, so I nabbed a graham cracker crust and a couple pints of blueberries in Aldi and baked one.  I might have also bought a half gallon of ice cream so we could have pie ala mode.  Hey, it was a holiday--and we have two more nights of celebration left in the pie tin.

Durwood had an appointment to get his hearing aids adjusted yesterday and we thought it'd take a while.  It didn't.  This is Preemie Hat March #3 and I only had time to cast on and knit 5 rounds, purl 1 round, and then knit half the next round.  No time at all.  The coolest thing was this blue-collar guy came in for an appointment, sat down next to me, and said, "are you knitting?"  I said, "yep, I'm knitting."  He said, "I crochet but I don't use patterns, I just make things up."  He said he makes afghans and scarves and hats, all made up out of his head.  He's working on a preemie hat now.  I think that's pretty brilliant, making up his own designs.  Further proof that you can't judge a book by its cover.

The sunset was just gorgeous last night too.  Sorry about the streetlight pole and all the wires in the way but look at that color.  It was even better in person.

Last night I worked on final editing my patterns for the Knitting Guild Design-a-thon so I didn't write.  And today was busy so there was no knitting and no picture taking so there might not be any blog post tomorrow.  But I promise if something interesting happens I'll post it.  Promise.

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Fingers crossed for something interesting!