Sunday, May 15, 2011

Windy Day Doings

It was a crazy windy day today. Durwood and I spent a couple happy hours poring over maps and guidebooks figuring out our route to Yellowstone in the summer and finding things to see. We want to see museums and battlefields, take tours and a steam train ride. We're also already happily squabbling over what to take along and I've started loading music onto the iPod Touch so we can sing along while we drive.

While watching paper and cardboard boxes blow past the window and the hummingbirds cavort around the feeders, I finished the third Bandwagon Block. It's the odd one, the rest will be crosses. I have no illusions ab
out casting on the next one tomorrow. I will.

I was trolling on the web last week for patterns to sew simple bags and found a list of 45 bags, one of which is a cotton replica of the "t-shirt" bags you get at the grocery and everywhere else. It has a pocket on the outside so you can turn the whole folded thing inside out and store it in the pocket. I was intrigued so I dug out some cool seashell fabric and made one. It's a bit thicker than I had anticipated but I like it. It was fun and simple to make.

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