Tuesday, May 31, 2011


A week ago Dusty and I were walking along the trail when a woman coming toward us asked, "Will it ever warm up?" We shrugged and kept walking. I wore long jeans to work last week, with a shirt and cotton sweater, socks and shoes. I mowed in shorts on Saturday when it was cool-ish. Sunday and Monday it was warmer, maybe close to 70. Today it's supposed to top 80 by noon and it's so humid Durwood doesn't care that the a/c is on. We only walked 2 miles this morning because the air felt so heavy and my left calf was hurting. Hopefully my trip to the chiro this afternoon will help that. I'm getting damned tired of the constant ache. Sitting, standing, walking, lying down--none ease the ache in my leg. Getting old sucks! Avoid it if you can! Skip over it directly into senility!

May 30--Cycladic, Terracotta Kernos (vase for multiple offerings).

Put one bloom in each of the tiny vase-lets.
One perfect flower head,
twenty-five times, makes an offering.
Golden glowing candles will
fit, making a halo of light
in winter when flowers are scarce.
The simple stripes
give it dignity,
elevate it from utility
to art.

do they make the offering for?

Are they praying for a favor
or giving thanks?

I envision the careworn hand
that arranges the offering,
flower or flame,
murmuring to God.
I envy the feeling of connection,
of being heard.

Once again, not at all what I expected to come from that. Ah well, Durwood's waiting for me to ride along on his errands. Time to clean up a bit and be a good partner.

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Aunt B said...

Hi Barb -- Just a note to let you know I made the summer rolls over the weekend and they turned out great! Thanks to you -- and David -- for sharing the recipe. XXX -- Aunt B