Monday, May 9, 2011

Not Having Much Luck

staying awake once I hit the bed these last two nights. Saturday night I didn't even get my notebook opened before I was zonked off and last night I vaguely remember Durwood telling me to take off my glasses, he already had my notebook and pencil out of my hand. Maybe it's all the fresh air I breathed those two NICE days. This weekend was the first springy type weather we've had all year so far and I made the most of it, spending as much of them both outside as much as possible. I think that one male oriole has adopted our feeders as his. He kept chasing house finches away from "his" bowl of grape jelly or orange half and had a few sips from the hummingbird feeders. It's about time. We've been trying to entice orioles to the yard for 4 years now with limited success. I'm glad I talked to an old guy with a table full of birdfeeders at a craft show and he said it had taken 3 or 4 years for them to attract them so I was willing to be patient. And now it's raining. I thought the mechanic next door was working on a motorcycle. Turned out to be thunder.

Mary 8--Annibale Carracci, A Domestic Scene. "Mama, he's been in my room again." Lisa stood with her arms crossed over her skinny chest, anger in every tense muscle. She frowned at Paulo who stood in front of Mama trying to hide in her apron. Mama straightened using her balled fists to ease her back. She put gentle hands on her son's shoulders and turned him to face her. "You need to give Lisa a it more privacy, caro. Go play with Marco." She sent him on his way with a light swat on his bottom.

I'll try to stay awake tonight.

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